Understanding Emotion Within Human Emotion

The world’s largest network for anonymously sharing life experiences.

We launched Experience Project in 2006 for people to share and consume the stories that make us human, and to connect with others who understand them.

Today, more than fifteen million people flock to Experience Project each month to anonymously share the most emotional details of their lives. They write stories, share secrets, cheer each other on, and build authentic, long-lasting friendships.

By achieving human understanding through technology, we enable millions of meaningful connections every month.


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“80% of users say the site has changed their life for the better”

With millions of shared experiences, Experience Project represents the largest, most authentic corpus of structured human expression on the web. We aggregate and analyze this corpus to model the emotion within expression to understand people’s motivations and perspectives. EP trains our Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithms, hones our Perception Technology, and enriches the lives of millions of people across the world.