Your Yammer network can tell you how your employees feel

Build a more engaged workforce with Kanjoya’s emotion-aware Yammer sentiment analysis and text analytics. Dramatically increase the value of your Yammer network by understanding what matters most to your teams.

Kanjoya Analytics for Yammer is a part of the Kanjoya Perception Employee Engagement Platform

Perception for Employee Engagement is a complete, multi-channel solution that incorporates all aspects of the employee experience to increase positive employee engagement and satisfaction. Benefits include identifying workplace discrimination, improving employee retention, boosting productivity, and quantifying year over year improvements.

Real-time Insights

Yams are analyzed instantly, so you can keep your finger on the pulse of the network.

Instant, Painless and Secure Integration

Simply have a verified admin of your Yammer network log in to Yammer to authorize the Kanjoya Perception app. That's it. Seriously.

Employee Engagement Tracking

Track positive and negative employee engagement over time, and know precisely which topics cause each type of sentiment.

Natural Language Search

Instantly search for anything using plain language, and immediately learn the sentiment trend for that topic.

Best-in-Class Sentiment Analysis

Led by Stanford University's most celebrated linguists, Kanjoya's unique, emotion-aware approach provides unrivaled accuracy.

Topic Sentiment and Prioritization

Say goodbye to gut feelings and welcome data-driven decisions. Find out exactly what your team cares about, how they feel, and how much that actually impacts sentiment.

Respects Yammer Structured Data

Kanjoya automatically incorporates all structured data collected by Yammer– such as job title, group, and message type– and turns each into segments that can be granularly compared, and filtered for.

Emotion Analytics

An industry-first! Measure, determine root cause, and trend 20+ emotions experienced by your employees, from frustration to optimism.