• Key Tenets to Improve Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace

    The development of Kanjoya Perception for Diversity has been inextricably connected to several key tenets, tenets which have also been core to our other solutions and general philosophy. I have presented them here with the hope that they will also be helpful to you – as you embark on or... Read more

  • Beyond Annual and Pulse Surveys: Three Key Sources of Additional Insights on Employee Engagement

    If your company’s annual or pulse survey is your sole or predominant source for measuring employee engagement, you are missing critical insights about your employees and culture. Leverage other key sources of employee opinion and feedback to generate a full picture of the employee experience. Employee surveys have become the... Read more

  • Increasing Diversity and Inclusion…Through Technology

    In the past year, stories regarding diversity and inclusion have increasingly permeated national news. Most of these narratives present the problems we continue to face as a society – few speak to a solution. It is unclear “where we go from here,” how things will change, and even if they can. Building... Read more

  • Understanding Millennials, a Primer from a Millennial

    For many HR professionals, understanding millennials, or generation Y, is currently top of mind. It is also an area I have been pondering lately. I am a millennial, and I find the following questions fascinating: What differentiates my generation? What do we desire in terms of employee engagement? How are... Read more

  • Kanjoya and Twitter Co-Present New Model of Employee Engagement: An (Even) Better Workplace and a Competitive Advantage

    Kanjoya CEO Armen Berjikly and Twitter Director of People Analytics Shane McCauley took the stage at the HCI Summit in early April to present Twitter’s new model of employee engagement, powered by the Kanjoya Perception™ solution. The new model is designed to help Twitter build an engaging workplace that builds a... Read more

  • Analyzing Glassdoor Open-Ended Reviews: The Key Step to Managing Your Company Reputation

    “Glassdoor information is useful, but it keeps me up at night,” admitted an HR Director to me last week. Her comments reflect (a) the increasing importance of Glassdoor as a critical source of information for job seekers about the inner workings of a company and the employee experience and (b)... Read more

  • Become an Agent of Change in Your Organization

    In today’s world, we laud innovation as essential for businesses seeking to remain competitive in the global marketplace. We know that innovation, and growth and progress, are critical for companies’ success, but what about the less attractive word underlying these processes–change? While innovation sounds exciting, it is no secret that... Read more

  • Uncovering Unconscious Bias in Employee Data: A Kanjoya Customer Story

    As the topic of diversity heats up in Silicon Valley, I wanted to share a story which demonstrates the power of Kanjoya technology  applied to these important issues. Using Kanjoya, one customer immediately discovered unconscious bias in their organization.   First a bit about the Kanjoya approach to diversity: Kanjoya... Read more

  • The “Best Friend at Work” Question in Employee Surveys: Why It Matters

    Before I became a manager, I was always puzzled whenever I would be asked, in employee surveys, if I felt I had a best friend at work. Why would my employer care? Through my experiences as a manager and as a professional working with employee engagement solutions, I’ve learned why.... Read more

  • Two Approaches to Measuring Diversity in the Workforce

    Diversity is a hot topic in Silicon Valley at present–hardly a day goes by without a flurry of articles. As companies refine and bolster their diversity strategies it is important that they keep a pulse on employee sentiment around these initiatives. Specifically, they should optimize the means by which they... Read more

  • The Impact of Workplace Diversity from the Employee Perspective

    Workplace diversity is a topic that has been in the media repeatedly of late, particularly with regard to companies and industries struggling in the war for talent. With the dawn of a movement that has exposed and lamented workplace representation disparities across genders and ethnicities, countless studies reveal the advantages... Read more

  • The First Step to Jumpstart Your Employee Engagement Strategy: Analyze the Data You Already Have

    Over the last decade, Fortune 500 and other large businesses have embraced employee engagement initiatives to drive performance.  As these companies have rolled out supporting programs, they have amassed mountains of employee data and information — yet have done nothing with them! This is a mistake. After all, old data... Read more

  • Five Signs You Need a New Employee Survey Technology, Analytical Solution, or Both

    Surveys are the workhorses of business initiatives to measure employee satisfaction and manage workforce-related investments. But as enterprises adopt more comprehensive employee engagement strategies, surveys are only one of many channels through which employee feedback is captured. As an example, enterprises are increasingly harnessing data from social channels and collaboration... Read more

  • The Cost of Employee Churn

    We all know it’s expensive to replace employees. But just how expensive? And how pervasive is the problem? 1 out of 5 workers voluntarily leave their jobs each year and 1 out of 6 are fired or let go involuntarily, according to a report by the Center for American Progress.... Read more

  • Solve the Employee Disengagement Problem with Real-Time Employee Feedback

    Many studies conclude that employee engagement has a positive impact on culture, productivity, and the bottom line. But how much of a problem is the flipside, disengagement? What are the risks, and what can we do to remedy its effects?   The Problem Let’s examine the landscape of workplace disengagement.... Read more

  • The Strategic Impact of Workplace Diversity

    Does your company aim to outperform competitors, capture a new market, and/or cultivate a happier, more productive workforce? The key to these outcomes may be embracing workplace diversity. According to a study cited in the article, “How Diversity Can Drive Innovation,” from the Harvard Business Review, companies that espouse both... Read more

  • The Extreme Limitations of Sentiment Analysis: What Insights are You Missing in Your Data?

    Organizations collect employee feedback to gain insight regarding employee sentiment, behavior, and motivation–and use these insights to cultivate cultures of engaged, empowered, innovative, and productive employees. Sentiment analysis, the technology traditionally used to obtain such learnings, sorts complex, human-generated data into positive, negative, and neutral categories. This system is too... Read more

  • Emotions Run Hot for iPhone 6

    Kanjoya analyzes mobile market emotional response to Apple’s iPhone display announcement Apple is finally stepping into larger displays, and it’s likely we’ll see long lines again at Apple stores this fall. The WSJ reports that Apple has asked suppliers to manufacture between 70-80 million units combined of iPhones with 4.7-inch... Read more

  • 2014 World Cup Retrospect: The Spirit of Fair Play

    Kanjoya’s emotional intelligence illuminates global reaction to World Cup sportsmanship The finale of the 2014 World Cup exemplified the aggressive but honest play the world has come to expect. Both Germany and Argentina pushed hard, with the ultimate victory delivered to Germany by Mario Gotze in the final moments of... Read more

  • NBA Free Agency Period Ignites Emotional Engagement

    Kanjoya analyzes the emotional reaction to NBA’s free agency period across Twitter It’s July, the NBA and NHL are off for the summer, the NFL has yet to break camp, and MLB is in its mid-summer slog. As the USA’s World Cup aspirations slipped away on July 1, 2014, American... Read more

  • Generations React Differently to Facebook’s Psychological Experiment

    Kanjoya analyzes the emotional reaction to Facebook’s experiment across Twitter If you haven’t already heard, in a recent social experiment, Facebook secretly altered the tone of 689,003 people’s Facebook feed. In their experiment, they manipulated the number of posts containing either positive or negative emotions and then monitored the tone... Read more

  • The Secret To Loyalty & Superior Customer Experiences in Luxury Hotels

    The arrival of summer brings sunshine and vacations, and with it an increase in overnight summer trips, rising on average to 2+ nights away from home compared to 1.6 nights during the rest of the year. (USDOT) The hotel industry welcomes this increase with open arms and has already started... Read more