• Capturing employee feedback? Pointless, unless you interpret it quickly and accurately – and respond!

    Kanjoya Perception for Employee Engagement gives you the power to capture employee feedback and interpret it for meaning and intent — at scale. Watch our video to see how our solution works.  A new market has emerged to fulfill business’ needs to capture employee feedback, according to Josh Bersin in a... Read more

  • What Millennials Really Want in the Workplace

    These days, many of us are thinking about how to attract, retain, and develop millennials in the workplace. Countless articles describe what we think millennials want, what motivates them, and what they value–but these articles are typically authored by non millennials! I was interested in learning more about what millennials... Read more

  • Build a better workforce by unlocking qualitative, text-based data with Kanjoya Perception for Workday

    As competition for talent intensifies, business and HR leaders are scrambling for insights to attract, retain, and motivate the right employees. Surveys are a great start. But if they’re chock full of quantitative, ranking, and categorical questions, they will not give you a genuine view of employee attitudes, motivations, and... Read more

  • Understanding Unconscious Bias–In a Single Glance  

    At Kanjoya, we work to make issues of diversity and unconscious bias tangible, quantifiable, and simple to understand. When we began this journey, we wanted to find a way to visualize unconscious bias, in a form that would be instantly actionable, clear, and concrete. We found it. With Kanjoya for... Read more

  • Forget About the Glass Ceiling! Break a Glass Slipper Instead

    At this year’s National Center for Women & Information Technology (NCWIT) Summit, Karen Ashcraft delivered a fascinating keynote address. Ashcraft, who has published widely on the impact of gender on “organizational and occupational formations — such as identity, culture, and mode of governance,” urged change leaders to reframe and reconsider their... Read more

  • “Internet Trends 2015″: Three Key Consumer Takeaways

    I recently read Mary Meeker’s “Internet Trends 2015,” and wanted to share my perspective on the report,  as both a millennial, and someone who works as a software engineer in tech. In this blog, I’ve decided to focus on how the growth and proliferation of the internet has affected the development and... Read more

  • Workday Customers Can Now Integrate with Kanjoya Perception Automatically

    Kanjoya is pleased to announce our partnership with Workday. By selecting us to join its list of Connect Partners, Workday has recognized Kanjoya Perception to be a solution that solves critical business challenges and complies with the quality and security requirements of the Workday platform. Benefits for Workday Customers Under this partnership, Workday customers can... Read more

  • Unconscious Bias: An Interview with Kanjoya CEO, Armen Berjikly

    A few weeks ago, Armen Berjikly, the CEO of Kanjoya, sat down with the Spanish newspaper El Pais. The topic was how technology could be leveraged to help eliminate unconscious bias in the workplace. While bias may be unintentional, it can have harmful effects in organizations. Unconscious bias can lead to homogeneous teams... Read more

  • Without People Data, Strategic Decisions Are Not What They Could Be: Explore The Possibilities

    People are the fabric of company operations. They make decisions and take actions that impact the products and services companies offer. Companies collect data about their people and house it in HR and human capital (HCM) solutions and other point applications. Yet only a handful of companies are using that... Read more

  • Measuring Unconscious Bias: A Conversation with Kanjoya Chief Data Scientist, Moritz Sudhof

    Moritz Sudhof, Chief Data Scientist at Kanjoya, will be presenting at the Sentiment Analysis Symposium on July 15th at 2:35pm. The Symposium features some of the brightest minds in the industry, and will be held July 15th-16th in New York City. Moritz’s talk, “Measuring and Combating Gender Biases in the... Read more

  • How to Conquer Doubts about the Value of the Employee Experience: Business Metrics and Outcomes

    People are the most important assets to a business, yet investment decisions to optimize the employee experience are made with (at best) half the sophistication and data used to justify technology, business process, and capital investments. The upshot? Poor decisions and sub-optimal results. Without data-driven justification, these investments are at... Read more

  • Kanjoya Chief Data Scientist, Moritz Sudhof, Presenting at Sentiment Analysis Symposium, July 15th in NYC

    We are excited to announce that Moritz Sudhof, Chief Data Scientist at Kanjoya, will be presenting at the Sentiment Analysis Symposium, on July 15th at 2:35pm. The Symposium features some of the brightest minds in the industry, and will be held July 15th-16th in New York City. Moritz’s talk, “Measuring... Read more

  • Kanjoya and Workday

    Kanjoya is proud to be part of Workday’s Connect network, seamlessly extending Kanjoya’s data science capabilities to all Workday clients. You can learn more learn more about the Kanjoya and Workday partnership, or go ahead and schedule a demonstration today. Read more

  • Five Tips for Making Millennial Internships Memorable–for Both of You

    Summer is here, and chances are you’ll be seeing new faces in the office–interns! These wide-eyed, bushy-tailed folks are most likely thrilled to be joining you and looking forward to contributing and learning as much as possible. Not only are they enthusiastic, they are also capable. They want to make... Read more

  • Four Employee Engagement Stats You Need to Know

    We all know employee engagement is important. But just how important? These stats might make your jaw drop–they convey the extent to which employee engagement is a problem, as well as the costs associated with engagement and disengagement-related churn. I’ve included them here with the hope that they will be... Read more

  • An Easier Way to Design a Better Survey

    If you’ve ever designed a survey, you know how difficult it is. After defining the objectives of the survey, you must attempt to construct unbiased, unambiguous questions whose answers provide actionable, pertinent insights and metrics. For each question, there are many possible formats and wordings, each of which may produce... Read more

  • A Better World Through Diversity: An Inspiring Story from the 2015 NCWIT Summit

    I recently returned from the National Center for Women & Information Technology (NCWIT) Summit. The event brought together change leaders from across the United States to discuss strategies to increase the number of women and girls (and diversity generally) in STEM fields, and to thoughtfully consider the obstacles associated with... Read more

  • Key Tenets to Improve Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace

    The development of Kanjoya Perception for Diversity has been inextricably connected to several key tenets, tenets which have also been core to our other solutions and general philosophy. I have presented them here with the hope that they will also be helpful to you – as you embark on or... Read more

  • Beyond Annual and Pulse Surveys: Three Key Sources of Additional Insights on Employee Engagement

    If your company’s annual or pulse survey is your sole or predominant source for measuring employee engagement, you are missing critical insights about your employees and culture. Leverage other key sources of employee opinion and feedback to generate a full picture of the employee experience. Employee surveys have become the... Read more

  • Increasing Diversity and Inclusion…Through Technology

    In the past year, stories regarding diversity and inclusion have increasingly permeated national news. Most of these narratives present the problems we continue to face as a society – few speak to a solution. It is unclear “where we go from here,” how things will change, and even if they can. Building... Read more

  • Understanding Millennials, a Primer from a Millennial

    For many HR professionals, understanding millennials, or generation Y, is currently top of mind. It is also an area I have been pondering lately. I am a millennial, and I find the following questions fascinating: What differentiates my generation? What do we desire in terms of employee engagement? How are... Read more

  • Kanjoya and Twitter Co-Present New Model of Employee Engagement: An (Even) Better Workplace and a Competitive Advantage

    Kanjoya CEO Armen Berjikly and Twitter Director of People Analytics Shane McCauley took the stage at the HCI Summit in early April to present Twitter’s new model of employee engagement, powered by the Kanjoya Perception™ solution. The new model is designed to help Twitter build an engaging workplace that builds a... Read more

  • Analyzing Glassdoor Open-Ended Reviews: The Key Step to Managing Your Company Reputation

    “Glassdoor information is useful, but it keeps me up at night,” admitted an HR Director to me last week. Her comments reflect (a) the increasing importance of Glassdoor as a critical source of information for job seekers about the inner workings of a company and the employee experience and (b)... Read more

  • Become an Agent of Change in Your Organization

    In today’s world, we laud innovation as essential for businesses seeking to remain competitive in the global marketplace. We know that innovation, and growth and progress, are critical for companies’ success, but what about the less attractive word underlying these processes–change? While innovation sounds exciting, it is no secret that... Read more

  • The “Best Friend at Work” Question in Employee Surveys: Why It Matters

    Before I became a manager, I was always puzzled whenever I would be asked, in employee surveys, if I felt I had a best friend at work. Why would my employer care? Through my experiences as a manager and as a professional working with employee engagement solutions, I’ve learned why.... Read more