The workforce intelligence platform trusted by the world’s leading enterprise companies.

Kanjoya’s solutions deliver authoritative data and direction that address the most crucial workforce-related challenges companies face. Leading companies use our solutions to identify employee values, emotions, and intent — and how they affect business performance.

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Measure the right things. Empower the way forward.

Kanjoya solves the problems of incomplete, inaccurate, and rear-view looking data that lead to the wrong conclusions. Built on our capabilities in natural language processing and machine learning, our technology captures, analyzes, and interprets quantitative data and text-based unstructured data, such as open-ended surveys and performance reviews. We quantify employee values, attitudes, engagement, and performance traits in real time and predict their impact on business outcomes.

People are complex

Data is easy. People are complex.

Disentangle the complexity of workforce decisions by transforming what was once unmeasured into unambiguous data. With a clear picture of what engages and motivates employees and the ability to predict behavior, you can manage all the critical drivers to business success.

With a clear purpose and indisputable data, you can navigate workforce challenges with confidence.

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