The best companies don’t just plan for the future, they build it.

Success requires the right tools, data, and direction. Kanjoya’s solutions — built from proprietary research in natural language processing and machine learning — reveal the intent behind what your customers and employees are saying and doing and how that can transform your business.

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Measure the right things. Empower the way forward.

Transform what was once unmeasurable into simple and authoritative data that reveals untapped opportunities and looming risks. Our technology turns text-based unstructured data, such as open-ended surveys, social data, and performance reviews, into real-time measurements of intent, themes, and emotion. Now, knowing which resources to mobilize is data-driven — not gut feel. 

People are complex

Data is easy.
People are complex.

Kanjoya unlocks meaning in what your employees and customers express through language and action. Our solution takes you where you’ve never gone — inside their heads and hearts. Now you can understand intent, predict behavior, and make the best decisions.

With a clear purpose and indisputable data, you have the power to build a better future.

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